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MAÎZAM is a patented new cosmetic brand based on unique spring water from the core of the Arabian deserts. Founded approximately 2400 BC, the unique composition and rich mineral elements of this water have gained it special proven skincare characteristics for reviving the health and beauty of your skin.

"Cosmetic and dermatological compositions comprising Zamzam water was proven clinically to provide longer duration of skin moisturization and to increase skin hydration uniquely. In addition, it demonstrated better skin tightening effects and enhanced prevention of skin aging when compared to other formulas containing water from other sources (French patent – internationally registered Pub. No. WO/2017/203111)."

Zamzam water is the prominent active ingredient in MAÎZAM skincare products. This Rich Essential Mineral Water from the Depth of the Deserts with a History of More than 4000 years is the gift of nature to your skin.