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MAIZAM Skincare Facial Revitalizing and Anti-Age Cream Anti-Wrinkle Tightens Skin Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines best Gift for Men Women Suitable for all Ages

Category: Anti-Age Prix: 53.99USD

Bullet Points:

  • Anti-aging & anti-sagging – This high-end formula together with Zamzam water boosts elastin and collagen production thus improving elasticity and restoring the structural integrity of the skin and prevents sagging. Thereby preserving the structural integrity of the skin, decreasing water loss and improving skin hydration for a younger skin appearance.
  • Advanced antioxidant formula – Infused with plant stem cells (advanced reconstructing skin cell remedy) of seven potent oriental ingredients from seven botanical extracts [Fig, Olive Oil, Date, Nigella Oil (black seed), Pomegranate, Propolis (Honey), Grape] which combats signs of Aging.
  • Synergistic anti-aging effects – Dermatological compositions comprising Zamzam water showed enhanced tightening effects compared to other formulas containing water. Thus, the presence of Zamzam provides synergistic effects to Anti-Aging formulas.
  • Anti-wrinkle & anti-scar – Using this product daily can help to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles granting a smoother and a firmer appearance. Also, daily use can help to heal facial scars.
  • Airless jar (preservative free) – This new high-end packaging protects active ingredients from oxidation and contamination and thus prolongs the after-use effectiveness of the skincare formulation. Also, this unique “PRESS AND SLIDE” technology provides you with a unique controlled dosage experience and an extreme leak-proof system with no preservatives for your skin’s most benefit (preservative free).
  • Excellent Gift – This product is a wonderful gift for loved ones on their birthdays, during holidays, and a variety of other occasions. This product is suitable for all ages.


You should definitely focus on buying skincare products that not only gives you natural radiance and soft skin but doesn’t cause any underlying harm. This MAIZAM cosmetic product is exactly what you need!

MAIZAM Facial Revitalizing and Anti-Aging Cream

This cream’s unique formula (Zamzam-Water, Extract of Propolis, Olive Bud/Leaf, Fig Bud, Date, Grenadine, Vine Bud/Leaf, in addition to Nigella Oil, and Olive Oil) helps in combatting visible signs of aging and aids in rejuvenating your skin. When this formula is applied on a regular basis, it diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, granting a smoother and a firmer appearance. This cream will also restore luster to your skin.

This product will grant you a new experience since it comprises of double patency through its unique formula composition and high-end packaging. So what are you waiting for? Place your order right away!